Wish You Were Here: Morocco

Our designers headed to Morocco for a bit of inspiration…

“Upon arriving in Marrakech, I was first inspired by the mysterious winding corridors and beautiful doors.”  


moroccan inspired bags

“The pathways don’t look like much but often behind the doors, there are magnificent riads (hotels) and beautiful shops, restaurants or homes.”

moroccan inspired bags


“As you wind down the pathways, you’ll find yourself in the souk, the Moroccan marketplace, and no doubt you’ll be overwhelmed by beautiful things.” 


moroccan inspired style

“From rugs, to lights, to leather goods, to spices, there is most definitely something for everyone and a true feast for the treasure hunter.”

Moroccan inspired handbags

“We brought back bags, shoes, accessories, jewelry, textiles and more to use as inspiration for our newest collections. “

moroccan inspired bags

“I drew inspiration from the subtle colors of the desert and buildings, and the bright pops of colors in the florals was the finishing touch.”  
moroccan inspired handbags

“Everywhere you look there was texture, color, and pattern, from mixed tile patterns to the rugs hanging in the souks, it was sensory overload, but a designer’s dream.”

moroccan style bags



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By The Sak